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Ontwikkeling van katalysatorsystemen voor hoge-temperatuurverbranding
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ECN 1995
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ECN-C--94-106 ECN rapport
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During the period 1990-1993 research was being performed on the synthesisand characterisation of perovskite and hexa-aluminate catalytic monolithic systems for the combustion of methane at high temperatures. The development of these systems was aimed at high temperature and high flow conditions existing in e.g. gas turbines. Ceramic foam carriers were used as a support for the catalytic materials. As catalytic materials the perovskite La0.25Sr0.75MnO3 and the hexa-aluminate BaMnAl11O19 appeared to combine a high stability with a satisfactory activity. For coating purposes a special preparation procedure was developed, during which the catalytic materials were formed in situ. The catalytic activity and physicochemical stability under laboratory testing conditions appeared to be satisfactory

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