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Demand and supply of flexibility in the power system of The Netherlands, 2015-2050. Summary report of the FLEXNET project
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ECN Beleidsstudies 9-11-2017
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ECN-E--17-053 ECN rapport
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The current report presents a summary of the approach, main findings and key messages of the FLEXNET project. The overall objective of the FLEXNET project was to analyse demand and supply of flexibility in the power system of the Netherlands up to 2050 at both the national and regional level. The current report is based on the summaries of the three extensive background reports of FLEXNET, each covering one of the three phases of the project. These phases include (i) the demand for flexibility (phase 1), (ii) the supply of flexibility (phase 2), and (iii) societal framework to trade off grid reinforcements versus deployment of flexibility (phase 3).

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