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NAMA Status Report: June 2014 mid-year update
Roeser, F.; Tilburg, X. van; Haensel, G.; Day, T.; Cameron, L.R.; Falzon, J.P.J.
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ECN Beleidsstudies 5-6-2014
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ECN-O--14-019 Overig
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Launched at the June 2014 Bonn Climate Change Conference, the Status Report on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) tracks the development of NAMA activities and support mechanisms around the world. Analysis of the NAMA Database shows that the number of NAMAs worldwide continues to grow at a steady pace. Meanwhile, a small number NAMAs are moving into implementation, some of which are supported as a result of the first funding round of the NAMA Facility in 2013. This Status Report analyses the development of some of these more matured NAMA activities, and offers insights on the NAMA development process from the Mitigation Momentum project.

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