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Functional description of biomass allocation within the RESolve model kit
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ECN Beleidsstudies 23-12-2010
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ECN-O--11-011 Overig
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This publication is part of the BIOMASS FUTURES project (Biomass role in achieving the Climate Change & Renewables EU policy targets. Demand and Supply dynamics under the perspective of stakeholders - IEE 08 653 SI2. 529 241, funded by the European Union’s Intelligent Energy Programme. In this report the ECN model used within Biomass Futures to quantitatively estimate how the different biomass sources can be allocated in a cost-effective way to the different energy uses is described. This biomass allocation model is based on an interaction between existing ECN submodels within an iterative scheme. Each submodel addresses the role of renewable energy in a different sector: RESolve-E deals with the electricity sector, RESolve-H with the heating sector, RESolve-T with the transport sector. The three submodels are briefly described, and an overview on the interaction scheme is presented. Within Work package 5 of the BIOMASS FUTURES project, a very important aspect is the linkage with the PRIMES model. Biomass feedstock and technology related data harmonization and linkage with the PRIMES model will not be covered within this report. Room for a description of this topic is reserved in D5.6 of this work package.

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