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The international race for CO2 capture and storage: And the winner is...?
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ECN Beleidsstudies 12-6-2008
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Ever since CO2 capture and st orage (CCS) has gained prominence among greenhouse gas reduction alternatives, researchers, policymakers, and industry have speculated about who would become the technology leader in this field. Will it be a technology that follows in the footsteps of solar and wind energy and sees European companies as market leaders benefiting from an early mover advantage, strengthened by a favorable internal market? Will the enormous investments of the U.S. government in R&D combined with its greater entrepreneurial power and better investment climate pay off? Or will other countries – like Australia which is very active in this area, or maybe China – become the world’s market leader in CO2 capture installations, a highly capital-intensive technology? Given exploding world energy demand, climate-friendly technologies will be indispensable for stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations. Thus, countries being able to develop and maintain themselves as technology leaders are likely to benefit from the deep reductions in CO2 emissions that we will need to achieve in the near future.

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