Products & Services

ECN develops new technology and conducts pioneering research in various ways into innovative solutions to facilitate the transition to sustainable energy management. We do this with and for businesses, but also for government authorities at home and the European Union. Our range of products is unprecedented: from tailor-made solutions for a specific request related to solar power to research into the energy efficiency of your production process, and everything in between.

We work on this in the following focus areas: solar energywind energybiomassenergy efficiencypolicy studiesenvironmental assessment en engineering & materials.

Technology Transfer

Various technologies and solutions that ECN has developed have since made their way to the market. These products were launched on to the market in a joint effort with businesses or integrated in existing products or processes. We are always looking for partners to bring ground-breaking and innovative products on to the market. Ultimately, it is businesses that will need to use new technology if it is to enjoy wide application.

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Strategic advice

Sound advice is important when making the transition to sustainable energy management. ECN’s consultants can provide this advice. We know and understand the problems that need to be overcome to be able to make that move. Our goal is to use sound advice to free the way for well-considered decisions on climate and energy issues.

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Testing, measurements and analysis

Businesses that are looking for practical, ready-made solutions that contribute to better and more efficient business processes are in safe hands with ECN. When it comes to engineering, you can rely on us for the most wide-ranging matters. We can, for instance, help you with the construction of a prototype or a small range of specialist equipment. In addition to this, you can use ECN’s unique test facilities. You can come to us for testing, analyses and assessments of your products and/or materials and, if necessary, we can also come to your premises to carry out on-site measurements. Creativity, flexibility and collaboration characterise our way of working.

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Investing in sustainable energy requires extensive, expert, precise and independent research. Because of its extensive experience, ECN is the obvious party to help venture capital investors. From integrated feasibility studies to evaluations: ECN is the right choice. We give a detailed overview of investor requirements in terms of opportunities, threats and risk limitation, thus offering an excellent point of reference for considered investment decisions.

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