Solar-powered racing in Australia

A team of 15 students from Delft University of Technology will participate in the biannual World Solar Challenge for the eighth time. Together, they are constructing the solar-powered car dubbed Nuna. The Dutch team won the world title in 2013 and is obviously determined to do the same this year. "For Nuna7, we made all the aluminium components for the wheels and the suspension. We are proud to be able to work on the car again. It makes your heart beat a little faster", says ECN's Paul Lameree.

2013 Wheels made by ECN

Every detail counts
The race car's design is unique and every detail is important to secure victory. "We produce the trailing arms for the suspension, for example. This has to be done very precisely and exactly in accordance with the students' drawing," says Lameree. ECN possesses all the necessary equipment to guarantee precision. Moreover, the ECN staff will use the knowledge gained in previous years. Lameree calls working on Nuna8 a spectacular experience. "Although we are only a very small cog in the larger whole, we feel very involved in its success. Every detail counts. At 90 kilometres per hour, you can't afford to lose a wheel." 

Raw material for the trailing arms for the suspension.

ECN producing the trailing arms for the suspension.

Final product.


ECN has been a partner of the Nuon Solar Team for several years. We use our substantive knowledge and expertise to help Nuna win and inspire the world in the areas of high-end technology and sustainable energy. 

You can read about the positive collaboration between ECN and the Nuon solar team (Dutch only)