ECN Solar Energy tests solar panels for Nuna-8

ECN is a proud sponsor of the Nuon Solar Team. Over the past months, the team have visited ECN on several occasions to join staff from the solar department in testing the solar panels to be used in the Nuna racing car. The ECN solar department is one of the few facilities in the Netherlands with highly accurate measuring equipment for solar panels (sun simulator). Using this installation, the performance of the panels can be tested directly for aspects such as efficiency and reaction to light from various angles.

It is important to test the panels to make sure that only the very best panels are fitted to the car.

The members of the Nuon Solar team were more than satisfied with the results and are now confident about starting the race.

As well as performing measurements for some 20 solar panels for the car, the ECN solar department also provided support and advice on implementing the panels on the Nuna-8