ECN and the Nuon solar team, a succesfull collaboration


Sunday october 18 is the start of the World Solar Challenge. The Nuon Solar Team asked ECN to participate in the construction. The student racing team is preparing to defend the world title in October at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2015 in Australia. 

The Nuon Solar Team consists of fifteen students from TU Delft, who work as a team to build the solar-powered racing car known as Nuna. The team enters its racing car in various solar races throughout the world, including the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia and the Sasol Solar Challenge in South Africa. This year, the team has again entered the race in Australia. Will they be able to claim the world title for the 6th time?

The team’s aim is to be an inspiration to the world in the area of high-end technology and sustainable energy. Taking part in the Solar Challenges is their way of spreading the word. The Nuon Solar Team is now working closely with other parties to implement the latest technology and win the race by covering the distance in the shortest possible time.

ECN is one of the parties helping them this year. Work on the new car is going smoothly in the workshop. ECN is making various parts for this year’s car, some of which are aluminium, such as the wheel suspension system and the axles.

The World Solar Challenge will start on Sunday 18 October. The aim of the race is to cover the 3,000 km from Darwin to Adelaide in seven days, and cross the finish

line with the fastest time. This will be the 8th time that the Nuon Solar Team has entered the race.

Are you curious what ECN did for the Nuon solar team? take a look at the testing of solar panels at ECN.

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