ECN presents high-performance n-type solar cell with polysilicon passivation

At the SiliconPV conference 7-9 March 2016, ECN-researcher Maciej Stodolny will present a high-performance n-type solar cell with rear side passivation by a thin film of polysilicon. The use of polysilicon in solar cell technology has recently been making headlines because of its excellent efficiency-improving characteristics. ECN and Tempress are experts on industrial high-efficiency n-type cell processes—striving continuously for highly efficient, reliable and low-cost solar cells.

This development, in a collaboration between ECN and Tempress, has in a short time resulted in a 6-inch cell efficiency of 20.7%, using Tempress’s industrial LPCVD tool for the polysilicon deposition. Additionally, only established PV process steps were used, with a competitive small toolset. The cell is metallized with screen printed grids, and is therefore bifacial.

In a companion paper at the conference, ECN-researcher Yu Wu will present more results for solar cell research with LPCVD polysilicon technology. His work, also in collaboration with Tempress, demonstrates the processing and use of both polarities of polysilicon layers, as required for advanced bifacial and back-contact solar cells.

Maciej Stodolny will give two presentations:

  • Tuesday 08/03/2016: PID and UVID Stable n-Type Solar Cells
  • Wednesday 09/03/2016: n-Type Polysilicon Passivating Contacts for Industrial Bifacial n-PERT Cells

ECN will also give presentations on the following subjects:

  • In-situ Doping and Local Overcompensation of High Performance LPCVD Polysilicon Passivated Contacts as Approach to Industrial IBC Cells - Y. Wu
  • High Resolution Sheet Resistance Mapping to Unveil Edge Effects in Industrial IBC Solar Cells - P. Spinelli
  • Effects of Hydrogenation in n-Type Wafers with Ring Shaped Defects - P. Manshanden
  • Combination of Advanced Optical Modelling with Electrical Simulation for Performance Evaluation of Practical 4-terminal Perovskite/c-Si Tandem Modules - D. Zhang
  • Review on n-type Modules - J. Kroon

Take a look at the daily program for more details.

ECN publications on n-type solar cells:

What ECN can do for the PV industry

We support industry with the development and implementation of high-efficiency cell and module processes in a variety of ways. In joint development projects as well as technology transfer projects, ECN has successfully introduced new technologies in mass production at tier one producers. Cooperation subjects can be full process flows as well as process modules. ECN is also inviting interested parties to look into opportunities to participate in our shared research programme.

You can read more about ECN's work in our brochure about crystalline silicion and thin-film solar cells: 

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