A new report, to be compiled in 2014

After successful crowdfunding ECN intends to release report with all renewable energy data for 2011 and 2012.

At the end of 2013 a next release round of EU Member State Progress Reports can be expected, as the formal deadline to deliver the new statistical data on 2011 and 2012 has been defined as 31st of December 2013 in Article 22 of Directive 2009/EC/28. Expectedly in the beginning of 2014 this information will become available.

Previously, ECN has compiled data reports and databases on the energy data from the NREAPs and the 2011 Progress Reports and made this available to the audience.

ECN has the ambition to continue making these data integrally available to the audience. Therefore, we would appreciate feedback from the users of the data. To facilitate this process, we have defined questions in an online questionnaire on the content of the newly to be released work, which we will evaluate in the process of compiling a new report. We are kindly asking you to fill in this online questionnaire  which can be accessed below.

Also, ECN is searching for means to continue our work on the EU Member State Progress Reports on renewable energy (i.e. on the reports due on December 31st, 2013). Thefore we will crowdfund our work on this report. All interested parties who benefit from the reports are invited to co-fund this report starting from EUR 100. In return, early releases of the report and database will be made available to the paying parties, as well as other benefits. To find out which benefits you can obtain by supporting this important piece of work for crowdfunding future ECN work click on the “apply for crowdfunding” button below.