Energy data from the Progress Reports, due end of 2011

All data as reported by the Member States according to RES Directive Article 22

According to Article 22 of RES Directive 2009/28/EC all European Union Member States have the obligation to release, on specified dates, ‘Progress Report’ (PR). The first versions of the 27 Progress Reports (with data for 2009 and 2010) were due on 31 December 2011 and are available for download at the website of the European Commission. Until now the data from these Progress Reports were never released in an integral and accessible manner. This has been done in the report below (PDF) and the accompanying datasheet (ODS). Ultimately at the end of 2013 new Progress Reports need to be provided by the Member States, with data for 2011 and 2012 (these reports are not available yet, see below for more information).