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ECN's digital newsletter Issue 5 - September 2012

Waste flows are turned into fuel by TORWASH

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ECN and PBL calculate energy policy

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ECN involved in 80 per cent of wind farms

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Pilot plant MILENA/OLGA passes durability test

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Entrepreneurs are warmly invited to visit ECN during the Open Day for Business from Energy Technology on 26 September. On this day ECN would like to explore, together with you, how new technologies can be marketed and which solutions are available for your technical problems.
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Would you like to keep up with the latest developments in solar energy? Visit SunDay 2012, organised by ECN in co-operation with NL Agency, FOM, Holland Solar and Shell Research on 7 November. Have a look at the programme and register.


Bas van Bree


'Being a supplier of new energy technology, change is the business of ECN. In an ever faster changing world, ECN therefore has nothing to worry about, or so it seems. Partly this is true: over half of all solar cells produced worldwide contain ECN technology and ECN is involved in 80 per cent of offshore wind farms built in Europe. However, a complicating factor in the rollout of new technology is the increasing number of businesses and organisations that need to be involved.'
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‘More than just hardware’

ECN and Tempress, the Dutch manufacturer of production equipment for solar cells, have been joining forces for seven years already. The collaboration has resulted in large orders in China for Tempress and solidified its market position. ‘Now that the economic tide is against us, R&D has become even more important for delivering high efficiency solar cells’, explains Rob Pentinga of Tempress (to the right). ‘As a supplier of technology as well as the accompanying production equipment, we are able to stand out from the competition.’

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‘Subsidy or obligation?’

‘What could possibly be easier than an obligation for sustainable energy; this is what many political parties thought in 2010. The government imposes the share of sustainable energy as a binding standard for energy companies and the market will then determine the price for sustainable energy. Simply a matter of supply and demand in a self-regulatory market.’

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Alstom to test turbine

The ECN test site in the Wieringermeer will be expanded with a new turbine. Early 2013, Alstom will install its latest prototype there. Alstom, which is of French origin, is one of the world’s largest companies: it is represented in over one hundred companies, employs over 90 thousand staff and has a turnover of close to 20 billion euro per year. 

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Energy from agricultural waste

The news that ECN’s MILENA technology is being used to turn soya waste into energy in India has evoked enthusiastic reactions from Dutch organisations that collaborate with farmers in emerging economies.

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ECN conducts calculations for Dutch election programmes

By request of the Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL), ECN has assessed the election programmes of the various Dutch political parties for their impact on the increase in sustainable energy, energy saving and CO2 emission reduction.

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