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ECN's digital newsletter Issue 3 - March 2012

Customer is key at ECN

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French company to market nano filtration membrane this year

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ECN contributes to sustainable energy in Korea

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Seaweed cultivation pilot at wind farms

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N-type silicon solar cells will play an important role in the future. That is why ECN is co-organising the second nPV workshop on 14 and 15 May 2012 in Amsterdam.
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From 16 to 18 May, ECN will be represented at the International Solar Industry and Photovoltaic Exhibition & Conference in Shanghai.
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February marked the launch of the virtual community SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 2050, to which ECN also contributed.
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Wim Sinke


'Last October, the Top team Energy asked me to take the lead in drafting a so-called Innovation contract Solar energy, a plan for a large public-private partnership. This task is as important as it is challenging, because the solar energy sector is broad and rather poorly organised at the moment. However, this was an offer I could not, and obviously did not want to, refuse.'

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‘Partnering for a new record’

AMOLF director Albert Polman and Arthur Weeber of ECN: ‘Together we can achieve results that we cannot realise separately.’


ECN recently entered into an agreement with AMOLF on collaboration in the field of solar energy. This institute, which is located at the Science Park in the Watergraafsmeer district in Amsterdam, is involved in fundamental research on the behaviour of light, among other things. By combining fundamental and technological knowledge, the partners aim to design more efficient photovoltaic solar cells. And perhaps they can even add a record to their name.

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MILENA goes to India

For more than ten years, ECN worked on a brand new technology to produce gas from solid biomass, such as vegetable waste. This technology, which is named MILENA, is now market-ready. In collaboration with HVC, Gasunie, Taqua, the municipality of Alkmaar and the Province of North Holland, the Netherlands is exploring the feasibility of an expertise centre and a demo plant on wood waste with a capacity of about 11 Megawatt. Outside the Netherlands, there is also much interest in this technology. For example, ECN is working together with Thermax, an Indian manufacturer of incineration plants []. The company has the ambition to supply all of India with green energy, but also has plans for other parts of Asia. ECN technology is thus reaching an enormous growth market!
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Financial benefits thanks to 14Credits

Companies that have installations running partly on green fuel can now easily demonstrate this. If they do, they need to purchase fewer emission allowances and are entitled to green certificates. The 14Credits method, developed by ECN, measures the share of green energy in the flue gas emitted by an installation rather than at the source. 14Credits is increasingly acquiring official recognition. Its deployment may even become obligatory in the future.
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New nuclear reactor for the Netherlands

The production of isotopes, which have become indispensable in medicine, has been secured thanks to a decision of the Dutch Cabinet and the Province of North Holland. They are making funds available for a new nuclear reactor that is to replace the old high flux reactor in Petten. Contrary to the plans for expanding the nuclear power plant in Borssele, this decision has encountered little resistance due to its unmistakable importance to medical science.

Source: NRC Handelsblad

Read the response of Paul Korting, CEO of ECN



Royal Dahlman

Frank Egas, general director of Dahlman, manufacturer of filtration systems for the petro-chemical and process industry, explains the designation ‘Royal’ that has been given to his company after 125 years. He explains that Dahlman has developed a gas scrubber for biomass gasification plants together with ECN, because the company wishes to devote itself to sustainable development.

Source: BNR Nieuwsradio

Read the explanation of Robert Kleiburg, COO at ECN


Are you an energy illiterate?

How high would you estimate the percentage of used electricity that is generated from renewable energy sources in the Netherlands, and what proportion does this bear to what the (average) Dutch person thinks it is?

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