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ECN's digital newsletter Issue 6 - December 2012

Solar energy: Innovate today, perform later on

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New solar energy technology ready for mass production

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Centre of Excellence for marine innovation on the isle of Texel

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Derisking clean tech

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Torrefaction increasingly effective in biomass monetisation

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Using waste heat in the paper industry

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ECN COO Robert Kleiburg will be one of the speakers at the Global Energy Summit, which is held in Abu Dhabi from 15 to 17 January 2013. Read more

From 4 to 7 February, ECN will be represented in Vienna at EWEA 2013, Europe’s most important wind conference organised by the European Wind Energy Association.

Robert Kleiburg


In addition to severe budget cuts, our new Dutch cabinet has fortunately also opted for ‘a realistic, ambitious green growth strategy’. This allows us to seize opportunities in the global market for new energy technologies, which is already worth over 250 billion dollar and is still growing rapidly. Three items in the coalition agreement are positive for the transition to a sustainable energy system.

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Open day attracted many entrepreneurs

About 120 entrepreneurs, mostly from SMEs, visited the Business from Energy Technology open day organised by ECN on 26 September. The visitors either were or were related to energy producers, large users, equipment manufacturers and the supply industry. ECN wants to bring new technology to the market in collaboration with entrepreneurs. Apparently, entrepreneurs are also interested in ECN.

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Energy bible names the 'what'; next up is the 'how'

Let us look for synergy and address various problems at once. This is the inspiring message of the Global Energy Assessment, a voluminous report addressing all aspects of the global energy system. It is therefore also referred to as the 'energy bible'. The GEA was realised with the efforts of about 300 researchers worldwide. ECN colleagues have also contributed, and ECN and PBL jointly organised the Dutch launch of the ‘energy bible’ last September. In the run up to 2050, we are faced with many challenges: affordable energy for the future 9 billion inhabitants of our world; access to modern and clean types of energy for the poorest; an acceptable level of security of energy supply; dealing with air pollution; and last but not least, the combat of climate change.

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ECN measures diffuse emissions

Greenhouse gases that are emitted into the air by various small sources are hard to measure. This makes it difficult to determine to what extent for example complex industrial installations, harbours, agricultural businesses or landfills burden the environment. ECN possesses extensive expertise to accurately measure the diffusion of CO2 as well as other greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide, using specialised measuring equipment, e.g. to be installed in a ferry mast.

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Electricity for all: this is the way to do it

The good news is that we can get enough energy to cater for the needs of a growing world population if we act quickly, wrote the NRC Handelsblad. The newspaper draws this conclusion from the Global Energy Assessment Presentation organised by ECN and PBL.

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‘The cabinet’s greening target is feasible’

The ambition of the new Dutch cabinet to increase the share of sustainable energy in the Netherlands from the current 14 per cent to 16 per cent is feasible, says Sander Lensink of ECN in an NOS news broadcast. “But this will take much effort. It will require wind farms at sea, for example, and biomass co-firing in coal plants. And everything needs to go really well.”

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