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ECN's digital newsletter Issue 2 - December 2011

Dutch queen visited research location Petten

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A clean economy in 2050 requires cross-border collaboration

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ECN leads European measuring project

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Six European energy programmes launched

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ECN is co-organiser of the conference Nederland Energieland, success en innovatie in praktijk (The Netherlands, energy country; success and innovation in practise) on Tuesday, 31 January 2012.
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Various ECN colleagues have contributed to the Energy Delta Convention, held in Groningen in November.
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The Nitrogen and Climate Workshop, which was held in Amsterdam on 31 October and 1 November, was partly organised by ECN with co-financing of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (working group II).
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Robert Kleiburg


'Positioning the Netherlands in the global top 5 of knowledge economies with applicable, innovative technology and optimally profitable (sustainable) energy; from the viewpoint of top sector policy, these are important drivers for businesses and industry. Trade and industry are taking the wheel in steering the demand for research and application. ECN is actively dedicated to offering its knowledge and technology to the service of economy and society.'

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‘Innovative friends’

ECN is participating in the ISPT network in which businesses and knowledge institutes join forces to make process technology more sustainable. All participants make a financial contribution in advance, after which they jointly decide on the issues they wish to solve. As a result of this approach, the focus lies on the result rather than the commercial interests. This way, a collaboration develops that almost resembles a friendship and is very effective.

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A pragmatic agenda in Durban

Heleen de Coninck, programme manager International Energy and Climate Issues

Technology development and transfer remain slightly shielded from the turmoil in the UN climate negotiations. Yet many countries are interested in sustainable development and technology transfer, with or without an international agreement. Hence, there is potential for an effective Technology Mechanism to emerge.

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ECN to advise Korea about wind turbines

In October, ECN signed a memorandum of understanding with the Korean Register of Shipping. ECN will assist this certification authority in testing new types of offshore wind turbines. Nine large Korean companies are currently developing their own wind turbines.

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Better measurability impact of air pollution

ECN is going to collaborate with research institutes, universities and municipalities (Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris and Leicester) to study and combat complaints resulting from airborne particulate matter. New measuring methods, enable the detection of those characteristics of airborne fine particles that cause acute health complaints such as coughing and shortness of breath.

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Colossal wind measuring mast at sea

In the future, entrepreneurs will be able to limit their risks in offshore wind energy. As a result, they will need less subsidy. The reason: a measuring network in the North Sea that predicts how much wind energy can be ‘reaped’ and how the turbines need to be strengthened to be able to resist the lashing waves.

Source: NOS newscast of 26 October 2011

This is the explanation of Tom Obdam, who was involved in the development of the wind measuring mast on behalf of ECN.

‘Subsidies for solar energy are a waste of money’

'The bankruptcy of the Obama-subsidised Californian solar module manufacturer Solyndra is nothing compared to the dozens of billions of euros that are squandered by Germany on subsidies to incentivise the solar energy sector.'

Source: The Economist.


Wim Sinke responds to this article. He is staff member Programme & Strategy at the unit Solar Energy of ECN and chairman of the European Photovoltaic Technology Platform. His response was previously published in the digital trade journal Bits&Chips.

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