ECN expands offshore measuring locations for wind farms and partners with KNMI

dinsdag 30 augustus 2016 11:32

Wind speeds, wind directions, wave heights: for many years, ECN has been measuring the conditions at offshore wind farms in the North Sea. ECN is expanding the number of work locations and are entering a partnership with the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut, KNMI).

ECN, KNMI, Rijkswaterstaat and several other parties have various measurement masts and measurement systems set up off the coast from Egmond aan Zee, IJmuiden, Borssele and by the Goeree light platform. All the data from these met masts, floating LiDARs and LiDARs on platforms in the North Sea are collated in one place: at ECN. “We are the independent institute in the Netherlands that collects and validates offshore wind data and makes it available to the market,” explains R&D Manager Wind Energy Peter Eecen. “We check that the measurements were conducted correctly and publish them at We guarantee the quality of the data that is provided to the market.”

New: Europlatform
Approximately 56 km off the coast of Hoek van Holland lies the Europlatform. Eecen says: “This is where we measure the wind conditions for new wind farms that are in development for the Hollandse Kust Zuid. The LiDAR measurement system in this location has been operational since mid-May; we are receiving the data and publishing them.” 

Later this year, ECN will conduct wind measurements further offshore on the K13 wind platform for the Dutch coast. Project Manager Hans Verhoef says: “The wonderful thing is that this enables us to continue to increase the accuracy of the wind map for the whole North Sea by taking measurements both near the coast and further out to sea. This information is used in the development of new wind farms and for other applications, including flight paths or the weather forecast for example. We are going to work with KNMI to put the measurement results to the best use and to share both costs and knowledge.”

Multi-year measurement data create confidence
It is agreed in the National Energy Agreement (Nationaal Energieakkoord) that the Netherlands must be producing a total of 4,450 MW of electricity through offshore wind energy by 2023. Validated measurements enable ECN to demonstrate the potential for establishing offshore wind power in various areas in the North Sea. According to Eecen: “The wind conditions in a given location change constantly and relatively little is known about the conditions especially at higher altitudes. We take measurements 24/7 and publish wind speeds from a range of altitudes at ten minute intervals. Our wind studies and multi-year measurements in particular provide reliable projections of the expected wind conditions for project developers. This gives investors confidence.”

More info & contact
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