Important role R&D in current trend towards lower cost offshore wind parks

dinsdag 13 december 2016 14:10

Response ECN to results Borssele 3&4 tender

Yesterday, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp announced the winning bid for two new offshore wind farms near Borssele (Borssele III and IV). As with the previous tender earlier this year, the winning consortium (this time comprising Shell, Eneco, Van Oord and Mitsubishi) succeeded in offering the lowest offshore kWh price seen thus far in The Netherlands. 

The trend in cost reduction in recent months is impressive. Apart from current favourable market conditions, this is also due to long-term commitment from industry and the R&D community to invest in R&D and innovation. This belief was also voiced by Mr Kamp who said that innovations in the wind industry were part of the trend towards lower cost of energy. In the Netherlands, these R&D efforts will continue to take place in the coming years, largely through the new wind energy program GROW, and ensure even more competitive prices in the future, also for sites much more challenging than Borssele.

Next to that, ECN is proud to have played its part in the process having supported many of the bidders in wind and site studies, along with consultancy services to drive down the bid prices. 

For more information about the work of ECN in the R&D programma GROW, please contact Peter Eecen via our contact form or check out our webpage on ECN's R&D programme for offshore wind energy.

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