State of art wind turbine measurements and wind farm measurements

You want to be confident that your asset is performing as it should be. Certification, testing and validation of your technology is vital. ECN brings independent and state-of-the-art technologies and methods for measuring in and around your wind farm, both onshore as well as offshore.

Whether you require standard accredited measurements or are struggling with an underperforming asset, we have the solution for you. Along with our measurements services comes extensive experience and proven track record of ECN on prototyping and testing wind turbines, and measurements as well as measurement systems. That knowledge is put to work in order to provide you with the most suitable measurement programme to solve your problem.

We conduct our measurements either on your location or at our own dedicated wind energy test facility.

ECN is ISO-17025 accredited by RvA, an approved testlab by IECRE, a full member of MEASNET and RETL member.

Products we can offer you:

Power performance and nacelle transfer function:

Determination and validation of turbine’s power performance (IEC 61400-12 accredited)

Mechanical loads:

Determination and validation of mechanical mean and fatigue loading of turbine components (IEC 61400-13 accredited)

Acoustic noise:

Acoustic noise measurements (IEC 61400-11)

(Floating) LiDAR calibration:


  • Validation and classification of new remote sensors
  • Calibration of remote sensors before being used in Wind Resource Assessments. Facilities; IEC-compliant masts
  • Onshore test site
  • Offshore meteorological mast

Wind Farm Performance Analysis & Improvement:

  • Quick Scan for evaluation of performance
  • Measurements to identify key issues
  • Detailed Analysis of wind farm data incl. wake modelling
  • Implementation of cost-effective solutions incl. ECN technology

Yaw misalignment measurement:

Nacelle-based LiDAR measurements for quick and accurate determination of yaw misalignment

Component performance analysis:

Measurements for component design validation, including vibration measurements (VDI-3834) and failure Root Cause Analysis

Blade flow visualisation:

Visualization measurements of the flow around the blade for optimization of design and power output

Wind resource assessment:

‘Measure – Correlate – Predict’ approach:

  • Site effects
  • Farm effects
  • Forecasting

Bird collision monitoring:

Bird impact monitoring >16 grams, making use of camera’s and vibration sensors

Substructure monitoring:

  • Monitoring of wind turbine substructure for model validation or during operational stage
  • ‘Measure – Correlate – Predict’

Conduct your own measurement programme at our test park
We offer our customers the opportunity to conduct measurements at our own test park. This is a unique facility that combines a full-scale R&D wind farm and six prototype test locations. Supporting facilities are five meteo towers, a 36 MVA grid connection, the measurement infrastructure, data collection equipment, and a test site control center. The site has a very favourable wind climate: the average wind speed at 100 m height is 8,3 m/s.

The six prototype locations  enable manufacturers to test and optimise prototypes and execute measurement campaigns for certification purposes. Due to the favourable wind climate, tests can be executed at all desired wind speeds within a short period of time. The site is designed and well equipped to perform power performance measurements, mechanical load measurements, noise measurements and electrical measurements in accordance with the relevant IEC 61400 standards.

ECN’s measurement team can do these measurements for you or assist you. The team is accredited (ISO17025 and MEASNET) which ensures that the measurement results can be used for certification purposes. Other equipment associated with wind energy, such as LiDARs, advanced scanners, torsion measurements, CMS components etc. can be tested with the full-scale R&D wind turbines at our facility.

More information?
If you want to know more about our measurement services and how we can help you, please contact Glen Donelly via our online contact form.