Nexolon America chooses ECN technology

September 2013

ECN is part of a consortium that has been selected by solar cell manufacturer Nexolon America to become the technology partner for its manufacturing facility in San Antonio, Texas. Nexolon aims to market a new generation of vertical, double-sided n-type silicon solar modules that collect sunlight from both sides and therefore have a substantially higher efficiency.

n-PASHA technology

The company has selected the n-PASHA technology developed by ECN. Woojeong Lee, Chairman of the Board of Nexolon America, praises the n-PASHA technology for its excellent ratio between low costs and high efficiency. This will make a significant contribution to lowering the price of solar energy, Lee explains. To start with, Nexolon will use the n-PASHA technology to produce solar cells with a total capacity of 100 MW, while another 100 MW is planned for the future.

Collaborating colleagues of ECN, RENA and Tempress.

Important step
The consortium that will develop the technology for Nexolon America is the n-PASHA Alliance. This alliance consists of two suppliers of manufacturing equipment for solar cells, i.e. the Dutch company Tempress and the German company RENA, and ECN as technology developer. Tempress, RENA and ECN joined forces to bring the n-PASHA technology to the market. The contract with Nexolon America is an important step in that direction. Previously, the Chinese company Yingli had also chosen the n-PASHA technology.

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