Let’s invest in innovation today

September 2013

In 2013, government expenditure on research and innovation in the field of sustainable energy in the Netherlands dropped to almost a third compared to 2010. It is time to put a stop to this decline, ECN’s COO Robert Kleiburg argues in the online magazine Energeia Energienieuws. He wrote the plea together with Tim van der Hagen, dean at Delft University of technology.

Low-cost energy
Research and innovation make a substantial contribution to lowering the cost of sustainable energy. To name an example, the cost of solar modules has dropped no less than 80 per cent in the past five years, making them much more interesting for consumers. Much research was needed to make this happen. The cost of offshore wind energy is still high, but this too can be brought down considerably by research and innovation.

Once the cost of wind energy has been brought down, much less subsidy will be needed to cover the financial gap of entrepreneurs in wind energy. And the government will also benefit from this development. Moreover, investments in research and innovation will give the Dutch industry a good starting point. And, finally, a step is taken towards making the energy system more sustainable. This is yet another reason why the Dutch government should invest more in research and innovation in the field of energy.

Source: Energeia Energienieuws