September 2013

Direct and indirect co-firing, the smart way

Direct and indirect co-firing of biomass in energy production processes creates technological challenges. ECN can support you to overcome these and optimise your biomass combustion and gasification processes to reach a higher efficiency at a lower cost, with lower wear and tear and fewer unwanted waste products.

ECN has extensive experience in various areas  of deployment of biomass for energy production, both direct and indirect co-firing through gasification, as  well as for biobased products and technology. We can cover the whole chain from analysis and selection of the type of biomass , to analysis and simulation of the combustion processes, to measurement and removal of toxic emissions from flue gases and measurement of the ‘green’ component of your energy production. Using its advanced equipment and decades of expertise, ECN can conduct state-of-the-art analyses, tests and simulations on site or at its own test facilities.

We will gladly help you with your specific questions and help you optimise your thermal biomass processes. Give Edze Diemer a call at +31 6 2423 2047.