Cost reduction and efficiency main topics at the solar energy conference

September 2013

Lower-cost and more efficient solar cells and modules: that is what the world of solar energy is all about. During the annual European solar energy conference, which is held in Paris late September, ECN will present to the industry three of its many innovative solutions that help realise this highly desired goal.

ECN makes three attractive offers to its partners, in the field of materials, production processes and panel manufacturing. Developments and improvements are following each other rapidly. In all three areas, much work is done to realise further optimisation.

Lower material costs due to lower silver use
Thanks to a revolutionary new printing technique, you can reduce the use of silver in solar cells by halve. This way the material costs are drastically lowered and scarce feedstocks are saved.

More efficient production process
ECN offers critical, independent and expert auditing of production processes, combined with concrete advice. Companies with a manufacturing line for solar cells and/or modules are thus able to profit immediately from the extensive scientific and industrial know-how of ECN.

Metal Wrap Through modules
Bringing your own Metal Wrap Through (MWT) Modules to the market without high investment costs; this will soon be possible. ECN is setting up its own manufacturing line for MWT modules where license holders can have their solar modules with higher power yield produced according to their specifications. ECN is seeking partners and investors who want to be frontrunners in this field.

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