Bronswerk Heat Transfer brings heat pump to the market

September 2013

Making production more sustainable and low-cost; this is feasible with the innovative heat pump application that ECN has developed together with industrial partners. With a heat pump, the temperature from the waste heat of an industrial process can be pumped up from 60 to maximally 140 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the heat can be deployed again, for example for the production of steam. The technology is currently being tested in the paper industry.

The warehouse of Smurfit Kappa in Roermond (Photo Smurfit Kappa Group)

Promising prospects
On 5 July, Bronswerk Heat Transfer, global technology supplier in the field of heating and cooling, signed a license agreement with ECN. Bronswerk will bring to the market the heat pump that it developed together with ECN and the IBK Groep. The company sees promising prospects. ‘All sustainable technologies can be earned back; energy and cost savings are an important incentive to make the switch,’ director Sjaak Remmerswaal explains.

Paper industry
The heat pumps are currently already being tested on a small scale (200 kW) by packaging specialist Smurfit Kappa in Roermond. The paper industry is a large energy user and is a very suitable candidate for using waste heat. Other industrial processes such as the production of foods and building materials can also be made substantially more efficient by using heat humps.

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