June 2013

What do you think?

Citizens should be more closely involved in energy supply issues.

votes: 453

25.4 %  No, because citizens have too little knowledge of what constitute safe and economically viable solutions. They cloud the discussion with unfounded emotions.  115 votes

23 %  No, because it is up to market parties and experts to deliver solutions and it is up to administrators to weigh the public interest of these solutions against local interests.  104 votes

28 %  Yes, but the discussion should be held in an informed way. Solutions need to be compared to safety, costs and impact on security of supply.  127 votes

23.6 %  Yes, because the discussion should offer room for all visions on and interests in the future energy supply.  107 votes

The proposition in the previous Newsletter was: ‘The Netherlands needs to fully go for biomass as a source of renewable energy.’

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