June 2013

International recognition for 14Credits method

14Credits, the method developed by ECN to measure the ‘green’ share of incinerated fuels from flue gas samples, has gained international recognition. Last April, an international NEN-EN ISO norm was published, which officially approves the method. Businesses can benefit from this method, particularly in countries where the use of green fuels is rewarded by the national government.

Sampling in the chimney
With 14Credits, ECN offers a fully innovative service package for power plants and other businesses that incinerate both green and grey fuels. It is now easy for them to find out how sustainable their operations are and businesses that have a higher than average performance can demonstrate this. By means of placing a (patented) sampler in the chimney of an incineration installation, the ratio between the shares of fossils fuels and organic fuels used can be determined. The CO2 released into the air during the incineration of organic fuels does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Financial benefits
Not seldom an installation turns out to use more green fuels than the owner is aware of, for example because waste is processed in paper or latex is used in car tyres. 14Credits enables entrepreneurs to get clear feedback on their environmental performance. Positive results can do more than simply boost the reputation of your company. In some countries, such as for example England or Belgium, they also yield financial benefits through green certificates or a decrease in the emission allowances that need to be purchased. Now that the sampling method used by 14Credits has been internationally recognised, the strength of the evidence is indisputable. It gives businesses a stronger position in demonstrating the green share of their energy production.

Service package
Companies inside and outside the Benelux that want to benefit from 14Credits can easily order a complete service pack at ECN. This package comprises the drafting of a measuring protocol, installing a sampler, analysing the samples, processing the data and drafting a (confidential) report. Various businesses in Belgium and Great Britain are now using 14Credits to determine their green share.

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