June 2013

Global green gas from waste using Dutch technology

In the coming years, the MILENA technology, which has been developed by ECN to convert waste and biomass into green gas, electricity or liquid fuels, will be used worldwide. To this end, on 24 May, ECN closed a license agreement with the Dutch company Royal Dahlman.

A gas scrubber in Portugal, produced by Royal Dahlman and developed in collaboration with ECN on the basis of OLGA technology. (Photo: Royal Dahlman)

Two problems solved
The MILENA technology is innovative because it enables the conversion of all kinds of waste and biomass into gas. At ECN, the test installation is running on wood, demolition wood, rice hulls and soy stems. From the gas that is produced by this installation, which is rich in energy, different products can be extracted: electricity via gas turbines or CHP, biodiesel or other liquid transport fuels, or bio-LNG for the gas grid. This way, MILENA contributes to solving both the waste and the energy problem.

Most efficient power plant
ECN has developed and tested MILENA together with partners. To remove the tar from the gas that is produced by the MILENA installation, a technology has been developed under the name of OLGA. Royal Dahlman deploys both sustainable technologies and plans to use them in different countries. In India, for example, a test installation is being built to generate electricity from agricultural waste. Last April, the British Energy technology Institute (ETI) selected Dahlman to design the most efficient power plant based on waste gasification, using MILENA and OLGA.

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