June 2013

First pole in the ground for new high-tech lab in Eindhoven

On 16 April, the first pole was driven into the ground of the Eindhoven High tech Campus for the construction of a unique, multi-functional laboratory. The construction of the laboratory has been commissioned by ECN and TNO. As of 2014, this will be the new location where ECN is expanding its activities in the fields of thin film solar cell technology and advanced laser techniques.

Technology exporter
In 2011, ECN established itself in Eindhoven to be able to collaborate more closely with Dutch businesses located in this region. ECN aims to help generate commercial spinoffs in sectors in which the Eindhoven-Leuven-Aachen region holds a strong position. Examples include high-tech machine construction and materials. Closer collaboration with Dutch businesses from the entire chain will enable to reduce the gap between pure R&D and industrial application. This way, the Netherlands will acquire a strong position as exporter of high-value technology.

Once located in the newly built laboratory, one of the activities planned by ECN is to elaborate the details of the collaboration in the Solliance consortium. In this consortium, six research institutes are joining forces in the field of thin film solar cells: ECN, TNO, Eindhoven University of technology, the Holst Centre, Imec and Forschungszentrum J├╝lich. ECN was the initiator of this collaboration, which has been realised thanks to a substantial investment made by the Province of Noord-Brabant. This province aims to strengthen the innovative powers of the regional industry and to promote entrepreneurship.

Visit the Solliance website.