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The Netherlands needs to fully go for biomass as a source of renewable energy.

votes: 17

35.3 %  No, because our own residual waste is limited and we have too little space to grow our own energy crops. Import will go at the expense of the opportunities of other countries and it is much more difficult to verify the sustainability of cultivation.  6 votes

11.8 %  Yes, because imported biomass is still much more sustainable than the oil and coal we are currently importing from distant locations.  2 votes

29.4 %  Yes, but we need to go for advanced technology using low value biomass only, which does not compete with food supply and we must maintain strict standards for sustainable cultivation.  5 votes

23.5 %  No, because all energy from biomass competes with other applications of this material. We need all raw material to feed and accommodate the growing world population in the future.  4 votes

The proposition in the previous Newsletter was: ‘The Netherlands should go for sustainable energy, even if it means that the government will miss out on tax revenues.’
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