March 2013

In the TKI ISPT (Institute for Sustainable Process Technology) eight projects have started, aimed at Energy efficiency in the Industry. ECN is strongly involved in their shaping and realisation. Focus lies with optimal (re)use of heat, efficient separation technology for gases and liquids and reactor technology.

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In the Biobased Economy TKI, ECN is involved in the YXY fuels project. In addition, ECN will help to further develop the torrefaction technology to improve product quality and to accelerate commercial market introduction and explore the options of using isobutanol as a basis for liquid biofuels.

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In the TKI for Solar Energy, ECN participates in a broad range of projects. Now that solar electricity for consumers has become competitive with electricity from the socket, the market is growing at a high pace. ECN and the Solar Energy Application Centre, in which ECN and TNO collaborate, are seeking solutions with their industrial partners to ensure optimal supply of this market.

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In the TKI for Offshore Wind, ECN is involved in all four projects, which have all been granted. Synergies at Sea studies the feasibility of an innovative electricity infrastructure to connect wind farms at sea to the onshore grid. Another project uses Lidar technology to measure the wind field with the aim of lowering the cost of offshore wind energy.

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ECN’s MILENA technology and OLGA technology are at the core of two projects in the TKI for Gas: the Green Gas 2.0 pilot project in Alkmaar and a project together with industrial partner Dahlman for further technology development and optimisation.