March 2013

ECN maps energy trends

Together with Energie Nederland, the branch organisation of Dutch energy companies, and Netbeheer Nederland, the branch organisation of Dutch gas and electricity network operators, ECN has mapped the main current energy trends. Some conclusions:

  • Today, 4 per cent of the energy used in the Netherlands and 10 per cent of the electricity used in the Netherlands come from renewable sources. This is much lower than for example in Germany or Denmark.
  • In 2011, the average electricity use per Dutch household decreased for the first time, which was mainly due to energy efficient domestic appliances. The gas use has been showing a decreasing tendency for some time now.
  • The price of energy in the Netherlands is high compared to its neighbouring countries. Only large businesses pay less due to a beneficial fiscal climate.
  • The extra power cable that was constructed between the Netherlands and the UK in 2011 has resulted in increased electricity exchange.

Take a look at Energie Trends 2012 (in Dutch)

Watch a video that elaborates on the research (in Dutch)

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