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The new government should keep energy and climate policy steady for the next decades.

Votes: 433

 26.6% (115 votes)
I totally agree. Businesses will only decide to invest once they know what they can expect for the longer term.

 25.9% (112 votes)
I agree, but there should be room to address new developments.

 25.2% (109 votes)
I don’t agree. The energy and climate policy that other countries will implement cannot be anticipated. If the Netherlands should get stuck in a corner, this would impact our international competitive position.

 22.4% (97 votes)
I don’t agree. In a few years’ time, we will have harmonised European policy and the Netherlands should keep up the pace to follow it.


The proposition in the previous Newsletter was: ‘Binding agreements need to be made about the global share of renewable energy at Rio+20.’
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