Being a supplier of new energy technology, change is the business of ECN . In an ever faster changing world, ECN therefore has nothing to worry about, or so it seems. This is true to some extent: more than half of the solar cell modules manufactured worldwide contains ECN technology and ECN was involved in 80 per cent of the offshore wind farms built in Europe.

However, a complicating factor in the rollout of new technology is the increasing number of businesses and organisations that need to be involved. Nobody can bring new technology to the market all by themselves; nowadays, this usually requires a chain of partners. Thus, the key to successful innovation lies in collaboration. Feedstock suppliers, appliance manufacturers and end users; they each need to take care of their own part of the chain. And there needs to be something in it for each of the players: without so much as a perspective on healthy business, not a single development will get off the ground.

At ECN we work hard to offer the best possible brokering and connecting services: bringing together the right parties and making sure that they are all able to build an interesting business case.  That is the only way we can bring technology to the market. After all, that is our mission.

That is why we are more than happy to visit you and to discuss your plans. That is why we would like to invite you for our introduction day, during which we will show you what our pilot facilities can mean for your business. That is why we would like to collaborate with you in the Top Consortia for Knowledge and Innovation. And that is why we really appreciate you contacting us.

Bas van Bree is business developer at ECN