The TKI for Green Gas 2.0 is setting up a centre of expertise based on the MILENA/OLGA pilot plant. The centre of expertise will act as a platform of collaboration for further commercial development of technology for the production of bio-energy and biochemicals based on gasification technology.  The TKI is looking for participating partners and prospective clients.

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ECN is looking for partners for the TKI Bio-based Economy to work on R&D in wet torrefaction, gasification of (agricultural) waste and to increase the economic value of the biomass fractions of lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose.

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Heat systems, liquid separation, drying and dehydration, gas treatment, process intensification, processing of algae and biomass, CO2 as raw material; these are but a few of the clusters in the TKI Sustainable process technology.

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The TKI for Solar Energy is looking for academic groups and businesses that would like to contribute to R&D on advanced concepts for cells and modules and on large-scale integration of PV systems in the infrastructure.

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In the TKI for Wind energy, ECN focuses on the development and improvement of floating structures on which wind turbines can be placed in very deep waters at lower installation and maintenance costs: the so-called floating wind structure.

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A new knowledge consortium starts with you! What is your research question?; Which role do you aspire in the knowledge chain?; Which partners are missing in your R&D strategy, and what can ECN do for you?

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