Pilot plant MILENA/OLGA passes durability test

december 2012

For nearly 500 hours in a row (i.e. almost three weeks), MILENA, the gasifier developed by ECN, operated continuously together with OLGA, the tar removal system that was also developed by ECN. This is an important milestone, because the test has clearly proved that the technology has outgrown the laboratory stage.

A gas scrubber in Portugal, produced by the Dutch filter manufacturer Royal Dahlman and developed in collaboration with ECN on the basis of OLGA technology. (Source: Royal Dahlman)

Unique technology

MILENA is a patented technology, one of its kind in the world, which is able to convert dry biomass such as waste wood, prunings or mown grass into energy at a very high conversion efficiency (80 per cent) and without harming the environment. Late September, the Innovation Round Table on Gas decides on allocating subsidy to the pilot project Groen Gas 2.0. After that, the preparations for the construction of the pilot plant at the site of waste processor HVC can hopefully be started up.  A consortium consisting of ECN, HVC, Gasunie, energy company Taqa, the municipality of Alkmaar and the Province of Noord-Holland will further develop and commercially exploit the technology.

Centre of expertise

The pilot plant, which has a capacity of 12 Megawatt, is expected to be ready in the course of 2013. The plant will generate green electricity and heat for at least four years. In the fourth year, a small-scale demo will be set up involving the upgrading of syngas into green synthetic gas, which can be deployed as transport fuel or as feedstock for the chemical industry, replacing fossil fuels. To further develop gasification technology, a Centre of Expertise for Biomass Gasification will be established, offering facilities for development, research, training and public information services.

Would you like to find out today what the Centre of Expertise on Biomass Gasification can offer you in the future? Take a look at the leaflet.

Are you interested in further developing and marketing the MILENA/OLGA technology for gasification and gas cleaning as a partner of ECN? Bert Rietveld will gladly discuss the options with you. Give him a call at +31 224 564452.