Energy from agricultural waste

The news that ECN’s MILENA technology is being used to turn soy waste into energy in India has evoked enthusiastic reactions from Dutch organisations that collaborate with farmers in emerging economies. They see opportunities for using this technology to make soy cultivation more sustainable, to extract energy from waste flows and to give farmers an additional source of income.

Feedstock analysis

‘We are definitely going to have a talk with these parties’, says Michael Bosma of ECN. ‘ECN granted the Indian company Thermax a license to use the MILENA technology in small-scale gasifiers. The fact that there is a significant need for this in tropical agriculture is evident from the enthusiastic reactions to this news in the trade journals. We can deliver the research facilities, the knowledge and the technology. Parties interested in the gasifier itself should contact Thermax. However, before ordering such an installation, a group of producers first needs to know if the waste flows they want to process are suitable as feedstock. ECN can answer that question quickly. We know the technology through and through, because we developed it ourselves.’

Read an article about MILENA in India in the journal Technisch Weekblad (in Dutch).

Do you have any questions about your feedstock? Michael Bosma will be happy to help you. Call him at #31-6-10091161.