Alstom to test a turbine at ECN test site

The ECN test site in the Wieringermeer will be expanded with a new turbine. Early 2013, Alstom will install its latest prototype there. Alstom, which is of French origin, is one of the world’s largest companies: it is represented in over one hundred companies, employs over 90 thousand staff and has a turnover of close to 20 billion euro per year.  Alstom builds high-speed trains, but is also a global leader in the field of energy and one of the most innovative players in the market for wind energy.

Test infrastructure

Manufacturers of wind turbines with a capacity of up to 6 Megawatt per turbine can lease an area at the ECN test site where they can test, optimise and certify turbines. The test site has a favourable location near the IJsselmeer, with an average wind speed of 8.3 metres per second at a height of 100 meters. Supporting facilities include an extensive and advanced infrastructure for data collection, three meteorological measuring poles, a connection to the electricity grid with a capacity of 36 megavolt and, last but not least, the support of specialised ECN experts who operate at the international forefront. The returns of the energy that is harvested during the tests go to the owner of the wind turbine.

Do you wish to operate at the forefront of the market and would you like to perfect your wind turbine with the support of the specialised knowledge and infrastructure of ECN? Haico van der Heijden can tell you all about the options. You can reach him by phone at +31 6 13066130.