Royal Dahlman

Frank Egas, general director of Dahlman, manufacturer of filtration systems for the petro-chemical and process industry, explains the designation ‘Royal’ that has been given to his company after 125 years. He explains that Dahlman has developed a gas scrubber for biomass gasification plants together with ECN, because the company wishes to devote itself to sustainable development. Being a relatively small company (110 employees) with customers from Hawaii to Japan, Dahlman wishes to stand out by being progressive and innovative. ECN is a partner in this endeavour.

Source: BNR Nieuwsradio.

Read the explanation of Robert Kleiburg, Chief Operations Officer at ECN:

‘Our collaboration with Dahlman is an excellent example of how ECN is helping Dutch trade and industry to capitalise on opportunities in the global market for sustainable energy. Dahlman has established a leading position in gas scrubbing technology, which is used to remove tar in biomass gasification plants. In 2006, Dahlman obtained a worldwide license to market the OLGA gas scrubber that was developed in cooperation with ECN. Meanwhile, Dahlman is expecting a turnover of over 35 million euro for sustainable energy projects in the next three years. a rise in turnover of 35 percent.’