New nuclear reactor for the Netherlands

The production of isotopes, which have become indispensable in medicine, has been secured thanks to a decision of the Dutch Cabinet and the Province of North Holland. They are making funds available for a new nuclear reactor that is to replace the old high flux reactor in Petten. Contrary to the plans for expanding the nuclear power plant in Borssele, this decision has encountered little resistance due to its unmistakable importance to medical science.

Source: NRC Handelsblad.

Read the response of Paul Korting, CEO of ECN:

‘The fact that PALLAS has been given the green light is a wonderful boost for the research location Petten and highly meaningful, not only for NRG, the owner of Pallas, but also for ECN. Petten will have a brand new research reactor in a few years time: a reinforcement of the nuclear knowledge infrastructure, which will also meet the growing need for radio-pharmaceutical products and medical isotopes around the world. The reactor will undoubtedly attract new business to the region, which ECN can also collaborate with. And the international contacts that have been established for the development and construction of Pallas can also be used by ECN to strengthen our relationship with international businesses in the field of sustainable energy technology.’