French company to market nano filtration membrane this year

The French market leader in manufacturing of ceramic membranes, Céramiques Techniques et Industrielles (CTI), has obtained the rights for marketing the HybSi® membrane from ECN. This nano filtration membrane will allow businesses to purify solvents at a lower cost and improve the quality of the end product. Thanks to its unprecedented stability under acidic and aggressive conditions at a high temperature, the HybSi® membrane makes it possible to take a revolutionary step forwards in the production of biofuels and the separation of azeotropic blends. ECN developed the membrane in collaboration with the Dutch universities of Twente and Amsterdam.

Significant growth

François Garcia, director of CTI: ‘We can now expand our portfolio from filtration processes to separation of molecular blends. We expect that this license will lead to a significant growth. We will collaborate closely with our clients and partners to realise a commercially attractive solution to the complex separation issues in 2012.’

Large-scale deployment

Jaap Vente, Technology Transfer Manager at ECN: ‘We are extremely happy that a prominent market leader in the field of ceramic membranes will now profit from the market opportunities offered by HybSi®. We are convinced that its availability and competitive powers will increase rapidly and that large-scale applications are within reach.’  

More information on the HybSi® membrane technology is available here.