ECN contributes to sustainable energy in Korea

The headquarters of Posco Power in Seoul

On 15 December 2011, ECN and the South-Korean energy company POSCO Power signed a Memorandum of Understanding on future collaboration in the fields of wind, solar and bio-energy. ECN will assist POSCO in building its first offshore wind farm. POSCO will also use technology developed by ECN with regard to torrefaction, co-firing and gasification of biomass. Agreements were also made about future collaboration in the field of high efficiency solar cells and modules. This way POSCO can expand the total share of sustainable energy in its energy portfolio.

Practical technologies

POSCO Power wants to realise a stable, efficient and environment-friendly energy supply in South Korea. The company focuses on innovative technologies for energy saving and reduction of CO2 emissions. In doing so, it seeks collaboration with partners, both in Korea and abroad. Soung-Sik Cho, president and CEO van POSCO Power: ‘ECN has developed practically applicable technologies for green energy. As a result of this collaboration, POSCO Power will be able to realise its objectives in the field of green energy more rapidly.’

Path to the market

Robert Kleiburg, COO of ECN: ‘Thanks to this collaboration with POSCO Power, our expertise and technology will find their way to the market and be deployed for energy production. We are convinced that we can offer POSCO Power the knowledge and technology they need to produce energy more efficiently and at a lower cost.'

Visit the website of POSCO Power.