Customer is key at ECN

‘With and for the market’ reads the new motto that ECN is deploying to conquer the world. The guideline in this endeavour is the new strategy plan for the period 2012-2015. Within the next three years, ECN aims to become an international top player and entrepreneurial innovator.


The ultimate objective of ECN was and continues to be: making the energy system more sustainable. This transition can only take place if new knowledge and technology are deployed by businesses and authorities. That is why is it essential to develop innovations on assignment of and in dialogue with businesses, authorities and other knowledge institutes from the very beginning. This is how ECN bridges the gap between fundamental research at universities and scientific institutes and the short-term oriented research that is conducted at company laboratories.

Small and medium-sized enterprises

ECN will increase its focus on small and medium-sized enterprises as development partner and client. After all, SMEs are an important engine for sustainable development of the energy supply, combining economic (green jobs!) and environmental benefits.

Make the difference

More than ever, partners and relations of ECN can expect a solution-oriented and entrepreneurial attitude of ECN. With and for clients, ECN employees will not only search for creative, innovative technologies, but also explore market potential and commercial applications in the field of sustainable energy so we can make the difference for companies and industry.


You can find ECN’s strategy plan 2012-2015 here.