Let ECN determine your green edge

You can secure a financial benefit if you can prove that your installation (partly) operates on green feedstock. For this part of the production, no emission rights have to be purchased, and your company may even be eligible for obtaining Green Certificates.

Determining the part of the feedstock that can be qualified as green is not simple. The use of new materials makes it difficult to distinguish green and grey feedstocks. Bioplastics are an example – they cannot be distinguished from regular plastic by the naked eye.

14Credits, developed by ECN, is a method to determine the ‘green’ part of production in an easy way. 14Credits employs the C-14 method to measure the part of the flue gases that has a green origin, which is easier and more accurate than analyzing feedstocks. ECN can offer a measurement programme of continuous sampling of your CO2 emissions and provide a monthly report with an accurate measurement of the green (and grey) CO2 emissions, electricity and/or heat production of your installation.

More information on what possibilities 14Credits could offer your company? Take a look at the website or contact Erik Koopmans (06-10983202).