Derisking clean tech

Venture capitalists in sustainable energy technology looking to select true winners can now turn to ECN for in-depth and expert due diligence advice. There are many young, clean tech businesses that combine innovative technology with market vision and decisiveness. But how promising are they? Particularly new, rapidly emerging technologies require market overview and specialised expertise to assess opportunities. ECN can offer both and is ready to facilitate your investment decisions.


An idea may look quite promising on the drawing table, but is it really technically feasible? Are the cost projections truly realistic? Is the idea really new and valuable; is the intellectual property well-protected? Does the idea link up to the market; does it fit in the existing infrastructure and who are the competitors? What is the best way to scale up the technology and which risks are involved? Only few institutes are able to answer all these questions at once. ECN is one of them, because we are broadly experienced in developing, scaling up and marketing energy technology.


The expertise of the approximately 600 specialised ECN employees covers a broad area: solar energy, wind energy, biomass technology, but also energy efficiency and CO2 capture and storage. To ensure successful linkage to investment pathways of venture capitalists and fund managers, ECN is collaborating with an agency that is very experienced in investment management.

Exploratory advice

‘It is true that we have much experience with energy technology at ECN, but investors and fund managers still need to get to know us’, says Marco Bakker, business developer at ECN. ‘We are currently approaching them and they have responded enthusiastically so far. We would like to build up trust. Investors can contact us for an exploratory, informal advice, free of charge.’

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Would you like to map your opportunities and risks in technology investments? Marco Bakker will gladly help you get in contact with the expertise of ECN. Give him a call at +31 88 5158079.