Electricity for all: this is the way to do it

Hundreds of millions of Indians are dreaming of possessing their own car; in Southeast Asia the poor would love to eat meat more often; and in Africa more and more houses are equipped with air-conditioning. The growing world population has an increasing need for energy. We are still able to cater for this need without depleting the earth. This is the positive message of the Global Energy Assessment, the most elaborate worldwide outlook of the global energy system so far, developed by 300 researchers in six years’ time. The ‘energy bible’ pleads for electricity access for all in 2030 and for restricting the global warming resulting from greenhouse gases to 2°Celsius. However, there are preconditions: the most important one is that we should start the transition soon. The longer we wait, the more expensive it will become. Whichever scenario we choose, we will need to make an all-out effort.

Source: an article in NRC Handelsblad, based on a presentation of the Global Energy Assessment organised by ECN and PBL.