ECN also measures diffuse greenhouse gas emissions

Greenhouse gases that are emitted into the air by various small sources are difficult to measure. This makes it difficult to determine to what extent for example complex industrial installations, harbours, agricultural businesses or landfills burden the environment. ECN possesses extensive expertise to accurately measure the diffusion of CO2 as well as other greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide, using specialised measuring equipment.

European airspace

ECN is involved in the INGOS network, in which it acts as coordinator of 34 institutes from 15 countries with the aim of jointly mapping the emission of non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions in the European airspace. The measuring of gases such as methane (natural gas), nitrous oxide and a large set of halogenated hydrocarbons takes place at mountain tops, towers, ships and airplanes. When one of Total's gas platforms off the coast of Aberdeen was leaking, a sensitive laser spectrometer of ECN was installed in the mast of the King Seaways of ferry operator DFDS, which sails between IJmuiden and Newcastle. This way, the diffusion of the gas cloud across the North Sea could be mapped.

(Photo DFDS Seaways)

Independent and accurate

Businesses who need independent and accurate measuring of the amount of greenhouse gases they emit, but need to do more than simply install a metre in a pipe, can come to ECN for assistance. By means of an ECN report, they can qualify for an ISO audit, refute a negative assessment of the government, or demonstrate to their customers or partners that they are making progress in sustainability.

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