Centre of Excellence for marine innovation on the isle of Texel

The sea offers plenty of opportunity to produce food and feedstocks for clean energy. Opportunities include fish farms or seaweed farms. However, this is still a relatively unexplored area: our knowledge is not yet sufficiently developed to set up profitable product-market combinations. Together with NIOZ (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research) and other partners, ECN wants to address this. The consortium has the ambition to set up a Centre of Excellence for Marine Innovation on the isle of Texel: a place where knowledge institutes and entrepreneurs jointly develop new technologies, which can be exploited at a later stage. To this end, a subsidy request has been prepared for the Waddenfonds (Wadden Fund).

The NIOZ harbour at the isle of Texel (photo Bureau Nu, Alkmaar)

Opportunities for SMEs

The centre will offer interesting opportunities for entrepreneurs starting in the fields of shellfish farming, seaweed farming, seagriculture, biomass conversion and ballast water treatment in shipping. After all, it combines a special location at sea with the right kind of expertise, equipment and corresponding licenses. The SME businesses Hortimare, FeyeCon, Chainfood en Meromar are already involved in the preparations.

Unique location

Advantages of Texel as location include:
-    Presence of the research institute NIOZ, employing 350 staff.
-    Availability of very clean sea water.
-    Public harbour and quay facilities.
-    High-tech chemical and biological laboratories.
-    Space for pilot facilities on land.
-    Local housing opportunities.

Would you like to explore your opportunities at sea? Jip Lenstra of ECN can tell you more about the Centre of Excellence for Marine Innovation that is being established. Give him a call at +31 88 5154339.