‘Travel guide’ for policy makers

Lost in the land of the energy transition? ECN is offering a travel guide for policy makers. Tracking and paving the way ‘With this guide, we want to give answers to the questions that we are never asked’, says Marc Londo of ECN Policy Studies, author of the guide together with Michiel Hekkenberg. ‘Clients usually ask us to do a quantitative analysis to get a better grip on a dossier. But this policy field is much more complicated and full of pitfalls that policy makers can easily tumble into. For instance, the original goal of policy sometimes moves out of sight. In that case we work out the right solution for the wrong problem.’ Instead of focusing on the numbers, this travel guide sketches the outlines: what are current developments in certain themes and what do policy makers need to take into account to effectively steer towards a transition to cleaner energy?


The guide offers insight and overview, not tailored solutions. Of course, policy makers looking for more concrete advice can also contact ECN. Londo:  ‘Here at Policy Studies, we cover just about the entire field of energy; some of our advice focuses on a highly strategic level, but we also have much knowledge about the effects of policy in practise. We can use that insight to conduct ex ante impact assessment, for example: to indicate for the entire field of energy what will be the desired and undesired effects of certain policy measures. This way you prevent having to withdraw measures after one year already, or encouraging behaviour that you intended to discourage. For example: by offering fiscal benefits for relatively efficient large cars, you encourage people to buy larger cars instead of smaller ones that use less energy. We can also offer input when it comes to the consistency and maintainability of an entire policy strategy.  

Concrete advice can be obtained from the ECN experts; general tips, warnings and signposts are available to all in this ECN Travel Guide.

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