Solar energy is booming!


ECN cooperates with parties from the entire PV value chain, ranging from silicon producers and solar cell manufacturers to system builders. ECN brings the production technology maturity with innovative Dutch companies (such as Tempress, see photo).

Eye to the future

At the same time ECN is keeping an eye on the longer term: innovative cell design, radical new production methods, drastic decrease in use of materials and a switch to widely available and environment-friendly materials and processes.

Image: Amolf/Tremani


Solliance is the alliance of ECN, TNO, University of Eindhoven, Holst Centre and Imec with the industry. Open innovation enables sharing of state-of-the-art infrastructure and coordinating research programmes. Solliance currently creates synergy among more than 250 researchers.

Photo: Holst Centre

Confirmed quality

TÜV SÜD successfully tested the back-contact solar panel of ECN and assigned the important quality certificate (IEC61215). This confirms that the design and the production process meet the IEC standards. This is highly valued by our partners.

Solar car Nuna6 traverses Australia

The new solar vehicle Nuna6, which was built by Dutch students of the University of Delft, will participate in the World Solar Challenge race that starts in Darwin on 16 October. The engine is powered by tailor-made mono-crystalline silicon solar cells. Read the news item on our website.

Photo: Jorrit Lousberg