ECN opens office in Beijing

Solar panels in the northwest of China

China is becoming increasingly important, including in the field of sustainable energy. Not only does this country produce and consume sustainable energy, it is also a growing supplier of for example wind turbines and solar panels, both for domestic use and for export to Europe, among others. Meanwhile, China has become the largest producer of wind-generated electricity and also produces about 60 percent of all solar cells, part of which is also installed in the country. ECN acknowledges the importance of China in the energy market, which is why it has an office in Beijing that opened on 1 September.

The ECN office in Beijing is an important outpost for acquiring new assignments for ECN in the far east and for engaging into contacts with the Chinese government and academic world. The focus of all activities is on marketing ECN technology in the field of biomass, wind energy and solar energy.

ECN is already engaged in frequent collaborations with the Chinese industry. The main goal is to develop the largest possible market reach for technology developed by ECN. That will also lead to new assignments for Dutch trade and industry. For example, the Dutch company Tempress obtained the largest assignment in its history because ECN technology was deployed by Chinese solar cell manufacturers.  And the collaboration with China is also a positive development for the Dutch consumers, who are thus able to buy increasingly cheaper and more efficient equipment for generating sustainable energy.